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“Ive learned patience from baking. Baking was also how I escaped my divorce and kept on going for my girls. I honestly think its maternal. Baking was my survival, it saved me. Baking has always been there, I always made my girls cakes and fun breakfasts when they were growing up but, to be honest, I never wanted to bake for my ex-husband. Honestly, I never wanted to be around him that much. Now that I have met Trey, and he supports me, I want to bake for him. I fly out to Seattle with treats that I make special just for him and his daughter. Since we are so far apart, and we don’t get to go to movies and hang out, this is what I do to pass the time.

This is how I make the days go by till I get to see him again.”


2018-03-12_0006.jpg“I need to be more conservative with my ingredients. I don’t have any money to spend on fancy things so I honestly make it by with what I can. Almond flour is seriously expensive!!!”


“I keep little pieces around of my grandmothers around my kitchen, its nostalgic. Like this apron”


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