Emily Stumpf

Emily Stumpf
Mainframe Studios Artist – studio 433

“This is my first studio outside my home! I love I can be messy and not worry about it! Its so great! Taking my things in and out was demotivating, now I can walk in and get to creating. I love talking to people during open studios! Its fun to talk art with people, meeting new people. Its amazing. And the collaborating is amazing, if I hadn’t met Rick I never would have had my marbling table. The collaboration is the best.”


“I was painting on my family room floor on a drop cloth. Then I just couldn’t stop once I started again.”


“When I was in school I was always using vibrant colors. Then awhile after I was into dull muted colors but as soon as I started using colors it was like, there I am! Im back! I think I was unhappy with my job and it showed in my art. Then I had to find myself again as an artist. All of my pieces are a piece of me. Every single one I know where I was emotionally, or what I was thinking about or how I was feeling. They are a part of me.”


“With marbling, I can’t control the water. The movement, the organic nature of it is really cool to me. I taught myself how to do it. I get obsessed with things and I will google and read so much on it. My favorite type of marbling is suminagashi. It’s a Japanese way of doing it. You move it with air, rather than a comb. Lots of trial and error.”


“You can get my pieces here at Mainframe, I do have a few at Suite Dreams for kids. I try to do market day and things like that. I am lucky things fall into my lap. People reach out to me and I love that. I envision my things in shops, but also would love to see it in staging of homes. I really want to increase my online presence. I don’t have etsy, but I do sell on my personal site.”


“Dreams do come true”


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website: www.helloemilystumpf.com

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