florida film scans 2016

I love film.

I started with film, spending hours in the darkroom, and I have always said, nothing compares to true film. Sure a filter can look life film, but its not.
Film is glorious.
One thing i love the most about film: its never perfect!! Have you noticed that with childhood photos of our generation (pre digital), our parents, their parents etc that each photo is unique. Funny faces are preserved, not everyone is looking perfect and posed, sometimes they are (gasp!!) out of focus a touch, but they are each treasures.
Film captures MOMENTS.

Real life moments. I love that.

The day these were shot we were walking down the beach in, Clearwater FL to say good-bye and thank you to the sun. I tried to keep up with the kids and shoot along the way. The light isn’t perfect, expressions are not perfect, but the moments are. Thats what matters. Thats why i fell in love with photography in the first place. For the moments.



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