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Mainframe Studio Artist: Gretchen Bohling 

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“This is my first studio! I’ve always been in the 3rd bedroom of my home. I could fit just a table and my desk in that room.”


“I do sewing lessons privately here at the studio and also a couple after school programs in the DSM metro area. ASAP and Youth Enrichment League. The Enrichment League is more of a week long program called, Project runway. The kids make a few easier clothing projects then we put on a fashion show for the parents on the last day. The kids are 2nd through 5th grade. The program is for any school interested in having the program. I was at Waukee last summer as well as Urbandale. Or I will do a group of girls that want to learn to sew. For example, I had 4 girls in that did PJ pants. I also do mother/daughter lessons or private lessons. They are anything the client wants to learn. Anything from beginner to advanced. I charge by the hour, starting at $30 an hour”


“I always try to be considerate of my clients budgets for custom gowns/dresses. Generally the fee is no less than $150 depending on fabric and design. If beading is involved the price goes up. For example this wedding dress doesn’t have any boning in it, its more bohemian, so this custom piece is around, $400.”


“People confuse custom with expensive. It can be formal gowns or your favorite pair of sweat pants that are ruined because you wore then every single day for 10 years and you want me to make them for you. It’s really, honestly, custom meaning whatever you want! Plus if you get custom its going to last you longer. Yes, you are investing more than you would at H&M but custom is something that you invest in but again that investment could be $75 for a jumpsuit.”


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