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Jay Vigon Art

Mainframe Studios #467

“My best stuff comes when I stop thinking about it. I don’t look outside for inspiration. Its all just inside my mind. The hard part for me is to turn it off.
I can’t just watch TV. I don’t mind having it on, but I can’t watch it. I draw every night till I get tired. I have to wear my brain down so I can finally sleep.”


“I knew I was going to be an artist by the time I was 7 or 8. I even developed a little artistic attitude in the 3rd or 4th grade. I would tell my teacher I ‘wasn’t in the mood’. That didn’t’ go over well. My mom was summoned to school and I had to paint before I could leave. The interesting thing is the teacher told my mom I was really talented and I should be getting art lessons outside of school. So I started lessons when I was in grade school. I also have a twin brother who Is also an artist, he lives in London. We both went to Art Center.”


“I literally have thousands of sketch pads. I always have this goal of trying to finish every idea. Its impossible, but every once I awhile I go back and grab old things and try to finish those ideas. I save everything that I draw. Everything.”


“I was the first American artist to be asked to do two swatch watches. Margo went into a watch store one day and it was hanging on the wall. And she says to the guy, oh my husband designed that! He says, ‘yea….right.’ So she goes home and gets my books and takes them in to show him. He goes from ‘ya right’ to an opening at his place with my two books I have published and the two watches I designed. This happened right in Studio City.”


“The very first album I did was a jazz album. I designed album covers as well as often times I would art directed the entire project. Does it need graphic, custom lettering, photography, all of it. With the Doobie Brothers, I took a photographer and a lighting guy and we went on the road for X amount of days. The cover of the Doobie Brothers was the last shot, I pushed the photographer out on stage for the shot. And that shot ended up being the cover.”


“I did teach for a few years in san Francisco at the Academy Of Art. I was invited by one of my professors from, Art Center. I couldn’t say no to him. He was who got me into the record business. He was the art director of A&M records. Back then you didn’t’ need a masters degree to teach. They liked getting working professors since you were IN the moment.”


“My new designs, with the patterns, I want to get a rep to get it to the proper places. Paper good, fabrics etc. Its all unique stuff, I haven’t’ seen this anywhere before.”


Connect with Jay!! You will not be disappointed!!

website: www.jayvigon.com

instagram: click here

Or come visit him in person at Mainframe Studios!


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