Lisa Grafe

It was a privilege to photograph Lisa Grafe.

First off, we played soccer together many, many, years ago and she is still just as active in the sport today as she was when we were kids. She is still coaching at North High. She has been instrumental in bringing self confidence, courage, team spirit, accountability and much more to a group of young girl who needed it most.

Lisa has an amazing story. The DSM register did a story on here that you can (and should) read here. If you are like me, you might need a tissue.

Four years ago she was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Chiari Malformation. This disease left her homebound, in chronic pain and living in a chair unable to move her neck or shoulders. Since then she has gone through surgery and is now back on her feet and pushing for a better quality of life. She is doing it all with an infections smile on her face and a passion to help those around her. (pretty amazing)

Lisa made a choice to turn this set back into something powerful.

She literally took back the control of her mind and her body and is now using it to empower athletes. She has an energy and force about her that is unlike many others. She is calling this, The Comeback Project. You can learn all about what Lisa offers by going to her website here.

Her goal is to help transform the way that injured athletes recover.

Its a powerful story and a powerful purpose.

Thank you Lisa for gracing me with your smily, energy and focus. It was amazing to spend the afternoon with you and I truly hope our paths cross, yet again.



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