marianne + joe ~ des moines wedding photographer

i believe that some friends come into your life when you need them the most, you always want them to stay forever, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have been there all along, but it took the right moment for the friendship to really blossom. Today I can’t imagine a day without mariannes friendship. Being a bridesmaid in her wedding was such a compliment and such a pleasure. To get a front row seat to her new family and wedding has brought much joy to my life, the type of joy that comes along when you can feel how happy someone else is, how at peace they are with their lives and can see how completely, and totally, in love they are with the gifts this life has given them. These are a few images i took at their wedding. I was able to do most of her getting ready and jump in on her fun stuff. The real photos were taken by the talented Mark Kegans, but i had to have a little piece of the love 🙂


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