mission impossible

last night i left the studio after a full day there and walked right out without my camera bag and computer. Today Ryan and I had to go back down there to get it. While we were there I decided to ‘try‘ to take a few photos of her since she was in such a fantastic mood. Now, i love, love, love photographing little spirits, it is one of my favorite parts of my job. However, photographing my own little one, all alone, was about as successful as teaching a fish how to walk. She didn’t want to do anything but grab the camera, climb all over me and stick her finger in my belly button. If i would have had a camera on this, i am convinced i would be the next $10,000 winner on AFV. Here are a few i managed to snag of the little pistol herself in all her glory. Ohhh Turbo, i love you.

her hair is awesome. it basically looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket. makes me smile.where’s your belly, ryan??
at this point, she is fully sitting on me as i am on my back trying to get far enough away to be able to focus on her and she is ramming her finger into my belly button laughing uncontrollably. now i have managed to trap her between my legs, but, as usual she wiggles free to attack the camera.


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