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Jess Quinn

Jess Quinn Mainframe studios – #428 “I wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten. I graduated from UNI andView full post »

Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter Furnace Technician “Its a different day, every day. Its always new and something different. BellView full post »

Jay Vigon

Jay Vigon Art Mainframe Studios #467 “My best stuff comes when I stop thinking about it. I don’t lookView full post »

Jennifer Lawler

Jennifer Lawler Designs Mainframe Studios – #437 “When I was in high school, I took a jewelry class andView full post »

Emily Stumpf

Emily Stumpf Mainframe Studios Artist – studio 433 “This is my first studio outside my home! I love I canView full post »

Beamwell Tripp

“We bought an old porn shop and turned it into a restaurant. When we took down the walls coins started to fallView full post »

Gretchen Bohling

Mainframe Studio Artist: Gretchen Bohling¬† studio 447 “This is my first studio! I’ve always been in the 3rdView full post »

Amy Allen -Ms Messybaker

“Ive learned patience from baking. Baking was also how I escaped my divorce and kept on going for my girls. IView full post »