A little about me

I’m Paige Peterson. As an artist, I crave the days when I get to live out my creative imagination in the studio – diving into wardrobe, lighting, fabric and movement. As a storyteller, I seek the global adventures that lead me into the country, the city and everything between. From encouraging others to exist in their personal photos to professional ones, photos are a vital investment and an incredibly powerful selling tool. Your image matters. Your business matters. Your photos tell your story.

We all have a story to tell. Let’s start talking.

My work

My work allows individuals to connect with themselves, and companies to connect with their customers. I have a passion for people, which is evident whether I’m capturing a professional headshot, a family portrait, or commercial marketing content. Every project, every story, every photograph is an opportunity.

Commercial Photography by Paige Peterson Photography
Fashion Photography by Paige Peterson Photography
Headshot Photography by Paige Peterson Photography

The Portrait Experience

From paintings to statues, portraits have long been the way we remember someone’s true appearance. My passion to capture the beauty, strength, happiness and confidence of every person who steps in front of my lens. To forever immortalize the life in their eyes.

Special Projects

When you have a chance to do something that you’ll never have the chance to do again, do it. These near-to-my-heart projects range from shining a light on important topics in our communities to celebrating people whose contributions make this world a better place to live.


No matter what, my heart will always prefer black and white imagery. It’s an empowering experience to explore shape and form, light and shadow, film and digital. And it’s thrilling to break all the rules for all the right reasons.

Let’s capture something great together.