Paige Peterson Connolly

My photos are my art. And my camera is my microphone. It’s the tool I use to communicate. To say something meaningful. It’s a daily adventure and constant privilege. I am so thankful for all those who have trusted me to show you how I see you. Full of beauty. Full of life.

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I love the realness in people, and know life’s too short not to capture it.

My Roots

As a student of photography my education began close to home but continued at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. It’s there that I also worked and photographed for Spence Studios in West Hollywood. Today, I own and operate my photography business from Des Moines, Iowa, but can often be found traveling for client projects or in the company of production crews.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend, lover of elephants, and rescuer of dogs. At my core, I believe in the power of photography and concurrently in karma, friends, family, good wine and the ability of laughter to cure almost anything. I am fortunate to love what I do and to find happiness in the joy that it brings to others.

I am passionate about elevating your brand, showing you how the world sees you. I want to give you the best photo you have ever had of yourself whether that is your headshot, your portrait or the elevation of your business.

I want you to exist in photos, show up in memories and prove that you participated in life.


Top 20*

International Awards Competition 2021

Top 20*

International Awards Competition 2020

Top 20*

International Awards Competition 2018

*associate accredited photographer with portrait masters

Let’s capture something great together.